Getting Started

Thank you for choosing Finders.House, and congratulations on taking the first steps toward your independence!

Try our Real Estate Acquisition Service to get started locating property in your target area today.  Your agent is available to help you. Our service will help you take renting or renting-to-own your home to the next level.  We do this by providing listings of houses in your area that are in pre-foreclosure status.  Pre-foreclosure is defined as a mortgage which is two months past due.  These house listings are a little known resource for people with less than perfect credit scores.  Our support staff will be available to answer questions and guide you through the little known world of pre-foreclosure resources.  Invest in yourself and don’t miss out on what could be the best solution for you and your family’s current housing situation.

Finders.House believes that our listing service creates a WIN situation for all parties in every situation:

1.   You WIN by tapping into a relatively unknown resource that can be tailored to your specific housing needs.  By contacting the current homeowner directly you can take the title of ownership without qualifying for a loan. Taking over where the loan is remaining allows you to save up to 60% off the market price while investing less than it would cost to rent.  But, it is your choice.  If you choose the rent-to-own option, you will become the new homeowner contracting with the current homeowner, and make payments directly to the bank on behalf of his loan.

2.   The Seller WINS by having his/her property removed from “Preforeclosure” status thereby improving his/her credit score.

3.   The Bank WINS when they continue receiving monthly Mortgage payments, and cease Foreclosure action on the property.

4.   We WIN by providing a little known service that will help people have more choices in their housing options.


When you have less than perfect credit, it can be difficult to rent a house or apartment.  However, our service for successful placement, through a take over payments program, guarantees opportunity to find you a nice, affordable house to live in.  Mortgage payments are invariably cheaper than paying rent for the same property.  Our Service gives you the opportunity to focus on repairing your credit score, and monthly payment history, by paying the Mortgage directly to the Bank, and accruing equity.

If you are tired of paying application fees only to keep getting rejected, on rentals that you CAN afford, due to your credit/rental history.  Take your next move to the next level.  We’d like to help you…

Click here to sign-up for Finders.House get access to thousands of property listings.  These listings include often hard-to-find Pre-foreclosure and Owner-posted home listings in your price range.  Both local and nationwide.  Another resource to add to your property search.

Our member’s only area grants you access to our nationwide database of listings specific to our program. Our video and PDF training series outlines methods of acquiring property in pre-foreclosure, before they go to auction.  We will provide the professional assistance you will need along the way to get you on your walk-throughs immediately.


We appreciate your business and look forward to your successful placement.


Finders.House team